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  I am a Student ! What to expect ? 

At Travoyage Malta, we strive to provide you with a rewarding international internship experience that will significantly enhance your career prospects. Here's what you can look forward to :


We prioritize connecting you with reputable and top-notch employers who are committed to fostering your personal growth and development. To ensure the best fit for you, we carefully review your CV and full details before seeking out the perfect internship position. We work with more than 3000 local host organisations in Malta.


Throughout the entire process, whether it's during the application stage or during your actual internship, our dedicated team is always available to assist you. You'll be assigned a project coordinator who will be at your service 24/7. They will be there to guide you, starting from your welcome meeting and continuing until the completion of your internship in Malta.


As part of our commitment to your professional development, we offer a range of tailored professional education programs. These programs are designed to equip you with valuable skills and knowledge, opening new career possibilities.
Additionally, they provide you with the chance to specialize in specific sectors and gain practical experience while also improving your English language proficiency.

The process of preparing to go abroad starts right after you've made the decision to embark on this journey. Beyond meeting the program's formal prerequisites, there are other exciting aspects to consider before embarking on this new journey.

 1. Research Your Destination :  You will receive your internship programme with all the details pertaining to your hosting organisation and accommodation at least two (2) weeks prior to your arrival to Malta. Take the time to thoroughly research your destination and your hosting organisation. Familiarize yourself with its culture, customs, and any specific travel advisories or safety tips.

 2. Gather Relevant Documents :  Ensure you have all the necessary documents in order, such as passports, insurance papers, financial information, and healthcare details. Get your European Health Insurance Card with you.

 3. Accommodation Arrangements :  To prevent any mishaps, we recommend considering the option of reserving your accommodation with us. Seek assistance if you still need help finding a suitable place to stay during your time abroad.

 4. Prepare Your Europass CV :  Get ready for your journey by creating a Europass CV, ensure that your CV portray the real you, your education, knowledge, and capabilities. Take advantage of our guide to write a successful CV and prepare your Europass CV click on this link :
By taking these essential steps, you'll be better equipped to make the most of your international adventure and have a fulfilling and successful experience abroad.

For more information, see our page Student Preparation Checklist


You've completed all your preparations, packed your bags, and finally taken off on your flight. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey !
Upon your arrival at Malta International Airport, your next steps will be smooth and well-guided. As you step into the arrivals lounge, you will be promptly met by a designated driver who will be holding a sign bearing your name and surname. This clear identification will ensure an easy connection.

Moreover, you'll receive a welcome envelope from the driver. Inside this envelope, you'll find vital information pertaining to your accommodation check-in process. This information will serve as your guide, ensuring that you transition seamlessly into your new lodging arrangements.

While you explore and settle into your new accommodation, rest assured that Travoyage Malta will be there to support you throughout your stay.


The day after your arrival (usually on a Monday morning), a welcome meeting awaits you. Here, you'll gain insights into the local area, cultural dynamics, and intriguing tidbits about your destination.
This gathering also provides the perf
ect chance to engage in conversation with a local staff member, should you have any inquiries.
During your time abroad, you'll not only embrace thrilling new opportunities and witness your language skills blossom, but you'll also benefit from Travoyage Malta continuous 24/7 support.


Embarking on your first day at work is an exciting step. To ensure a seamless start, consider these key points :

 1. Preparation is Key :  Prior to your first day, take a moment to review your bus route. All necessary details will be provided as part of your internship program.

 2. Punctuality and Attire :  On the big day, ensure you're on time and dressed according to the workplace's dress code. This showcases your professionalism and eagerness.

 3. Positive Outlook :  Approach your new work experience with a positive attitude. Embrace the opportunity for growth and learning.

 4. Meeting Your Team :  You'll have the chance to meet your mentor and fellow team members. This initial interaction sets the tone for your collaboration.

 5. Follow Instructions :  Always adhere to the instructions provided. This demonstrates your reliability and respect for the work environment.

 6. Ask Questions :  If you encounter uncertainty, don't hesitate to ask questions. Clear communication ensures you're on the right track.

 7. Take Initiative :  Once you've completed assigned tasks, express your interest in taking on more work. This showcases your enthusiasm and commitment.

 8. Eager to Learn :  Display enthusiasm and a genuine willingness to learn. This attitude highlights your dedication to personal and professional development.

Starting your new work journey with these principles in mind will pave the way for a successful and fulfilling experience.
We'll regularly sta
y in touch to touch base, ensuring your comfort, and seeking feedback on your experience. You'll be assigned a dedicated contact person, your go-to for advice or assistance, available throughout your project duration. Their commitment extends until the completion of your project, and they're always eager to learn how you're doing even after you've returned home!

To gather further details regarding our lodging options, which range from host families to self-catering, please refer to the "Accommodation" section.
Alternatively, to gain insights into our cultural excursions and experiences, feel free to explore further.

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