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Welcome to Travoyage Malta - Your Premier Organizer of Staff Mobilities under European Funded Projects !

Are you seeking a reliable and experienced partner to handle the organization of Staff Mobilities for your European funded projects? Look no further! Travoyage Malta is your trusted destination management company specializing in coordinating seamless and enriching Staff Mobility experiences in Malta.


Staff Mobilities form a crucial aspect of European funded projects, facilitating knowledge exchange, skill development, and fostering international collaboration. These mobilities allow staff members, educators, trainers, and professionals to embark on transnational journeys, gaining valuable insights, and enhancing their expertise while contributing to the overall success of the project.


As a sought-after destination for Staff Mobilities, Malta offers an idyllic blend of captivating history, awe-inspiring landscapes, and a vibrant cultural scene. Its strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean and excellent connectivity make it an ideal hub for international mobility projects.
Participants can benefit from a diverse range of industries, including education, business, technology, and tourism, providing an enriching and multifaceted experience.


At Travoyage Malta, we understand the intricacies of organizing Staff Mobilities under European funded projects, and our dedicated team of experts is here to support you every step of the way.
Here's how we can ensure a successful and rewarding experience for your participants:

We collaborate closely with your organization to develop customized mobility programs that align with your project's objectives and participant profiles. From skill-building workshops to cross- cultural immersion activities, we design engaging itineraries that maximize the impact of each mobility.

Travoyage Malta is able to provide members of academic staff with professional English language training here in Malta. We partner with the most reputable language training centres here in Malta providing a high level of training services.

Our team takes care of all logistical arrangements, including transportation, accommodation, and meeting facilities, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free mobility experience for your staff members.

We work closely with reputable educational institutions, companies, and organizations in Malta to provide tailored professional development opportunities. These experiences foster knowledge sharing, best practices, and skill enhancement, contributing to the growth and success of your project.

Malta's rich history and diverse traditions offer an excellent backdrop for cultural engagement. We organize interactive cultural activities and sightseeing tours that allow participants to immerse themselves in the local way of life, forging memorable experiences and lasting connections.

With our keen attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we ensure that all aspects of the mobility program meet the highest standards, providing your staff members with a safe and rewarding experience.

 Contact us today to embark on an unforgettable Staff Mobility journey with Travoyage Malta ! 

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