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Are you interested about the universe of catering ? Wishing to gain experience in working in a dynamic and various environment ? Look no further ! We propose you our internship program to discover the realm of catering.

Service de traiteur


🔹 Industry Connections : We have established strong relationships with renowned hotels, resorts, restaurants, and hospitality establishments. This means you'll have the opportunity to work alongside professionals and learn from the best in the field.

🔹 Hands-On Experience : Gain valuable practical skills and knowledge in various areas of catering like, preparation and gestion of a room service, relation customers, food and beverage management and more.

🔹 Cultural Immersion : Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse Maltese culture while working in a dynamic and international environment. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community while forging lifelong connections.

🔹 Personal Growth : Enhance your communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills as you navigate real-life scenarios in the catering industry. Build confidence and adaptability that will benefit your future career.


🔹 Memory : Catering jobs often involve fulfilling orders for many people. A good memory can help you keep track of these customers easily.

🔹 Communication : Strong communication skills help you interact with customers and receive orders. When the day of delivery or the event arrives, communication skills help you ensure a smooth operation.

🔹 Teamwork : Catering professionals use this skill to work collaboratively with other members of the catering staff. Effective teamwork helps you work toward a common goal more efficiently.

🔹 Hygiene standards : Since professionals in the catering industry work with food, it's important for them to maintain high standards of hygiene. This can ensure the safe handling of various foods and dishes.

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